Fashion: The Whole Story


Marnie Fogg

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Biezā, eleganti, koši un pārskatāmi noformētā grāmata aptver laikposmu no 500. gada p.m.ē. līdz pat mūsdienām. Tās īpašā vērtība ir pārdomātais, kompaktais izkārtojums, kas ļauj izprast kopainu, nezaudējot iedziļināšanos detaļās. Must have grāmata ikvienam, kurš interesējas par modi un modes vēsturi un grib zināt ne tikai «kas» un «kad», bet arī «kā» un «kāpēc».

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Fashion is more exciting and more accessible than ever. If you love fashion and would like to know more about it, this fabulously illustrated history is just what you need.

Personal adornment, decoration and self-expression are as natural to human beings as breathing. Fashion: The Whole Story traces the evolution of fashion’s earliest traditions via its most important moments and most impractical fads, culminating in the modern era of the supermodel.

Beginning with the woven-cloth cultures of the Greco-Roman period, this enthralling book presents the many and varied high points of fashion history that have occurred throughout the world: the silk robes of the Chinese Tang dynasty; the kosode of the Japanese Heian period; the kaftan of the Ottoman Empire; Christian Dior’s post-World War II New Look; and the laser-cut Nu-craft of the present day. For the modern period, Fashion: The Whole Story takes a revealing look at the most influential modern designers, as well as the quirky ideas and occasional bursts of eccentricity that have taken fashion in innovative new directions. An assessment of fashion icons allows you to understand how one designer or style influenced another.

Fashion: The Whole Story highlights in detail the individual key pieces that epitomize defining styles or epochs in fashion history. It explains everything from the choice of specific materials or individual design features to the significance of designs created during times of war or excess.

Marvel at the dress of the Mughal Empire and the steel-hooped crinoline of the 19th century; discover the lines of a classic man’s suit and the political implications of the mini skirt; and understand the science behind the latest ‘smart’ materials in sportswear. Since the earliest times, men and women have loved to experiment with clothes – today, fashion is more exciting and accessible than it has ever been. If you love fashion and would like to know more about it, look no further than Fashion: The Whole Story.

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