Creative Couples: Collaborations that Changed History



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This Angella Nazarian’s book is dedicated to 15 outstanding and creative couples, whose influence stretches across time and continents: artists and filmmakers, designers and musicians, philosophers and even the Queen. Luxury publisher “Assouline” brings you these visually enjoyable, detailed and vibrant life stories that will fascinate and inspire you. A truly wonderful book!

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In the same series as her bestselling title Visionary Women, published by Assouline in 2015, author Angella Nazarian continues to chart the lives of inspiring and groundbreaking personalities, this time with a focus on couples. Doing a deep-dive into the stories of fifteen couples who motivate one another, work together, and change lives as a team, Nazarian explores the various forms a couple can take, and how differently they can operate, from living on separate continents to being artistic collaborators. Ranging from the iconic Parisian couple that is Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, to the mysterious Rei Kawakubo and Adrian Joffe, Creative Couples is an insightful journey into the most intimate moments in the relationships of legendary painters, filmmakers, philosophers, and even the Queen. Each text takes into account the history of both halves of the pair, how they impact each other’s work, and what makes them stronger together. As the book traverses historical milestones and cultural change, be it in France, Chile, or Japan, it consistently returns to the importance of strong duos and how two people and their individual talents merging can be incredibly powerful. Nazarian tells fifteen timeless tales with impeccable attention to detail, and manages to weave singular lifestyles, from that of Lou Reed to Prince Philip’s, with the thread of the inimitable bond between two human beings.

This book is brought by  Assouline, ISBN 9781614288527

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