Italian Glamour : The Essence of Italian Fashion From the Postwar Years to the Present Day


By Paolo Tinarelli 

Why we have selected this book:

Italian fashion is associated with aristocratic elegance, superb materials and perfect cut. This beautiful publication shows development of the Italian fashion in 300 costumes ordered into a chronological sequence and supplemented with comments on creativity, innovations and unsurpassed mastery that has been inherited over many generations.

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Overview from the Publisher:

Collecting clothes is a way of connecting with a particular type of item whose workmanship, colours, and shape are often a source of surprise. But above all it is through the history of these items that collecting takes on its special meaning.

Down through the ages, fashion and styles of dress tell the history of men and women, of their ideological choices, theirsocial evolution, their desires, their day-to-day existence, and their dreams. As for our contemporary world, the creations of today’s fashion designers have taken on an ever more important role, and deserve particular attention for their capacity to signify, determine, and interpret the changing tastes and customs of the society in which we live. The phenomenon of fashion is a vast and complex world that involves a broad spectrum of activities that range from the strictly creative to the organizational and industrial.
This volume is our contribution to the vast iconography of Made in Italy, spanning from 1945 to the twenty-first century. No doubt the vast array of images presented here will arouse considerable curiosity among the young, and stir a great many memories in the older generations.

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