by Zoë Hendon

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Wallpaper has adorned people’s homes for hundreds of years – from luxurious silk wallpapers to manufactured paper strips, from designer masterpieces to arsenic-containing poisoners. In this small but beautifully illustrated book, you’ll learn about the history of wallpaper in Britain, as well as the evolution of design trends and some of the greatest designers. Get inspired!

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We agonise and argue when choosing it; we admire, compliment and criticise it (or keep politely quiet about it); and the rest of the time we don’t even notice it. Wallpaper has been the backdrop to our homes for hundreds of years. It can make a house feel cosy or trendy, modern or traditional, and it is one of the key elements of home décor through which to express personal taste. Despite the threat from plain-painted minimalism, wallpaper maintains a strong presence in modern domestic decoration. Zoë Hendon traces the history of wallpaper in Britain and its foremost designers, examining how social mobility and new technologies have influenced design trends. From early Chinoiserie, through William Morris and on to the ‘feature wall’, this book looks at wallpaper’s surprisingly controversial place in shaping our sense of home.

Contents List:

Introduction • Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Luxury • Nineteenth-Century Mechanisation • The Aesthetic And Arts & Crafts Movements • Wallpaper in the Healthy Home • Early Twentieth-Century Wallpapers • Post-War Revival • Doing it Yourself • Places to Visit • Further Reading • Index

This book is brought by Bloomsbury Publishing, ISBN 9781784423131

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