Gabrielle Chanel: Fashion Manifesto


Miren Arzalluz

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Šis krāšņais izdevums, kas veltīts Gabrielas “Koko” Šaneles milzīgajai ietekmei uz modi, sieviešu dzīvesveidu un pašapziņu, iznācis Parīzes Palais Galliera vērienīgās izstādes ietvaros. Grāmata piedāvā ieskatu dizaineres dzīvē no dzimšanas līdz pat modes ikonas statusam satriecoši skaistās, īpaši šim izdevumam veidotās fotogrāfijās, modes vēsturnieku esejās un retos arhīva dokumentos. Izcili!

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Izdevēja grāmatas anotācija:

Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel is an icon of fashion, and can lay claim to having invented the look of the 20th century. At the height of the Belle Époque, she stripped women of their corsets and feathers, bobbed their hair, put them in bathing suits and sent them out to get tanned in the sun. She introduced the little black dress; trousers for women; costume jewelry; the exquisitely comfortable suit that became her trademark. Early in the Roaring Twenties, Chanel made the first ever couture perfume – No. 5 – presenting it in the famous little square-cut flagon that, inspired by Picasso and Cubism, became the arch symbol of the Art Deco style. No. 5 remains the most popular scent ever created.

This volume, published to accompany a landmark exhibition in Paris, traces the birth and evolution of Chanel’s timeless style. Specially commissioned photographs by Julien T. Hamon showcase the clothing, while essays by fashion historians illuminate a period, an event or a theme. Rare archival documents, including portraits of Gabrielle Chanel herself, round out the book.


Foreword by Miren Arzalluz • The Many Chanels by Olivier Saillard • The Early Days of the ‘Artist of the Rue Gambon’ by Sophie Grossiord • Freedom and Elegance on the Basque Coast by Miren Arzalluz • Sem and Chanel: Building an Identity by Laurent Cotta • The Dragonfly and the Bull by Claude Arnaud • Fashioning Flowers by Amy de la Haye • A Holistic Vision of Beauty by Julie Deydier • Chanel: The New Woman as Dandy by Caroline Evans • ‘Bijoux des Diamants’: The Glittering Triumph of Gabrielle Chanel by Marie-Laure Gutton • The Chanel Suit: The Shape of Freedom by Véronique Belloir • Chanel Accessories: The Building Blocks of Style by Marie-Laure Gutton • Chanel: The American Way by Alexandra Palmer • Gabrielle Chanel and Her Doubles by Sylvie Lécallier • Chanel and the Cinema: The Rules of the Game by Marion Langlois and Régis Robert • Chanel’s Interiors by Laurent Cotta • A Chronology of Gabrielle Chanel • List of Exhibited Works

Šīs grāmatas izdevējs ir Thames and Hudson, ISBN 9780500023464


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