How to Read a Suit: A Guide to Changing Men’s Fashion from the 17th to the 20th Century


Lydia Edwards

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Gadsimtiem ilgi tieši vīrieši diktējuši modi – tieši tai veltīts šis lieliskais izdevums. Grāmata ik lappusē piedāvā viena tērpa attēlu, ko papildina īsas un konkrētas piezīmes par laikposmu, šūšanas, piegriezuma un dekorēšanas īpatnībām. Nenovērtējams palīgs vēsturisku tērpu datēšanā!

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Izdevēja grāmatas anotācija:

Fashion is ever-changing, and while some styles mark a dramatic departure from the past, many exhibit subtle differences from year to year that are not always easily identifiable. With overviews of each key period and detailed illustrations for each new style, How to Read a Suit is an authoritative visual guide to the under-explored area of men’s fashion across four centuries.

Each entry includes annotated color images of historical garments, outlining important features and highlighting how styles have developed over time, whether in shape, fabric choice, trimming, or undergarments. Readers will learn how garments were constructed and where their inspiration stemmed from at key points in history – as well as how menswear has varied in type, cut, detailing and popularity according to the occasion and the class, age and social status of the wearer.

This lavishly illustrated book is the ideal tool for anyone who has ever wanted to know their Chesterfield from their Ulster coat. Equipping the reader with all the information they need to ‘read’ menswear, this is the ultimate guide for students, researchers, and anyone interested in historical fashion.


Acknowledgments • Preface • Introduction • Chapter 1: 1666-1700 • Chapter 2: 1700-1799 • Chapter 3: 1800-1859 • Chapter 4: 1860-1899 • Chapter 5: 1900-1939 • Chapter 6: 1939-1969 • Chapter 7: 1970-2000 • Glossary of Terms • Notes • Bibliography • Photographic Credits • Index

Šīs grāmatas izdevējs ir Bloomsbury Publishing, ISBN 9781350071209


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