The Sartorial Travel Guide


Simon Crompton

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Vēsturiski tieši vīrieši bijuši galvenie modes noteicēji, un arī mūsdienās vīriešu mode piedāvā izsmalcinātus, kvalitatīvus un stilīgus apģērbus un aksesuārus. Stila eksperts Saimons Kromptons ieteiks labākās vietas, kur iepirkties vai pasūtīt apģērbu un aksesuārus stilīgākajās pasaules pilsētās, tostarp Ņujorkā, Florencē, Tokijā, Stokholmā, Parīzē un citās. Īsts džentlmeņa ceļvedis!

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This essential travel guide distils a decade of style expert Simon Crompton’s experiences travelling the world to meet and advise the finest menswear producers and artisans, providing everything the modern man needs to know to travel in style, explaining what to buy and where to buy it.

Offering the lowdown on ten of the world’s most stylish cities – Florence, Hong Kong, London, Melbourne, Milan, Naples, New York, Paris, Stockholm and Tokyo – each chapter includes listings of the finest local shops and producers. In-depth profiles of standout tailors, clothiers and shoemakers offer insights into the craftsmanship behind the trademark style of each city, from a traditional kimono maker in Japan to a bespoke umbrella-maker in Paris. Fifteen must-see shops in other cities around the world are also profiled more briefly. Other features include travel advice from leading style aficionados, including Mark Cho of The Armoury and Mats Klingberg of Trunk Clothiers, providing travel tips from those in the know.

With locator maps to assist the planning of your trip and practical advice on how and what to pack, both leisure and business travellers will be prepared for any occasion. Whether on a luxurious city break or looking to fill a few spare hours on a meeting-packed trip, this is the ideal vade mecum for any sartorial adventure.


Introduction • Florence • Hong Kong • London • Melbourne • Milan • Paris • Naples • New York • Stockholm • Tokyo • In Brief: Amsterdam; Atlanta; Auckland; Beijing; Brussels; Chicago; Gothenburg; Hanover; Los Angeles; Madrid; Manila; Munich; Newcastle; Singapore; Vienna • Sartorial Travel Tips from the Experts • What to Pack

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