Art Deco Collectibles: Fashionable Object


by Rodney Capstick-DaleDiana Capstick-Dale

Why we have selected this book:

Art Deco style has not lost its allure and attraction – its clean, geometrical and metallised beauty suits the contemporary urban lifestyle very much. This volume is a real hymn of praise to Art Deco design – you will see carefully selected examples of the style on beautiful photographs: from cigarette cases and powder compacts to cuff links and lighters. A must have!

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Book Overview from the Publisher:

In the 1920s and ’30s Art Deco influenced everything from art and architecture, interiors and furnishings, automobiles and boats, to the small personal objects that are part of everyday life. The items in this thematically structured book demonstrate Deco style at its most alluring. They were then the height of fashion, and are highly prized collectibles today. They demonstrate an era of close cooperation between designers and manufacturers, who aimed to produce goods that were not only fit for purpose, but also well made and beautiful.

This informative showcase of portable classics of avant-garde modern design from Britain, Europe (particularly France) and the United States will appeal both to collectors and to anyone with an interest in Deco style and the history of fashion, taste and design. It is the first book to bring together the small collectibles – from cigarette cases and lighters to powder compacts and cosmetics accessories, watches, jewelry, even cameras – that demonstrate the style, glamour and sophistication of the Jazz Age.

Contents List:

Introduction • 1. Cigarette Cases and Lighters • 2. Compacts, Vanity Cases, Nécessaires, Minaudières and the Dressing Table • 3. Jewelry and Watches • 4. Cameras and Miscellanea • Directory of Designers, Craftsmen and Techniques

This book is brought by Thames and Hudson, ISBN 9780500518311

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