Balenciaga. Shaping Fashion


by Lesley Ellis Miller

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Cristóbal Balenciaga in the opinion of many is the greatest couturier of all times – his ability to create a stunning sculptural form, work with the fabric and colour has become a legend. The brilliant designer has had a huge impact on the fashion of the 20th century. This elegant book provides an insight in Balenciaga’s creative path, beliefs, and the context of the era.

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Cristóbal Balenciaga (1895–1972) remains one of the most revered and enigmatic of fashion designers. Here, breathtaking illustrations reveal why he is renowned for exceptional tailoring, sculptural shapes, deft manipulation of textiles, and a dramatic use of color. His glamorous clientele included Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy, Pauline de Rothschild, Ava Gardner, and Marlene Dietrich; many of his clients dressed almost exclusively in his designs, which were celebrated for being both easy to wear and tailored to flatter any figure. Even today, Balenciaga’s name remains synonymous with quality.

This fully revised and extended edition of Balenciaga offers a thorough examination of the Spanish-born couturier’s designs and business practice, and places him firmly in the context of the time, looking at the country in which he learned his trade and the international fashion scene in which he matured and triumphed. His perfectionism, effortless, iconic style, and the wearability of his clothes continue to influence designers today. Illustrated with archival images as well as stunning new photography, this book explores Balenciaga’s legacy in fascinating detail.

Contents list:

Author’s note •  Introduction • A Spaniard in Paris • From Cloth to Collections • Commercial Culture • Clients and Clothes • Legacies • Notes • Select Bibliography • Chronology • Glossary • Appendix: Balenciaga’s Suppliers • Index • Acknowledgements and Picture Credits

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