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“Chaumet”, founded in the far 1780 keeps on astonishing with its intricate craftsmanship and ingenuity in jewellery design. This elegant “Assouline” edition is a three in one: three books in an elegant box dedicated to the unparalleled accomplishments of “Chaumet” in art, photography and sumptuous celebration. As a matter of fact, back in 1890 “Chaumet” had already created their own photo salon to document the mastery and craft of their jewellery. A true pearl!

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Chaumet, established in 1780, is one of the crown jewels of Place Vendôme, the first fine jeweler on the square, and today Chaumet continues its legacy of fine technical craftsmanship and innovative, sophisticated design with ever more inspired high jewelry collections. Following the release in 2016 of a first slipcase set of Mémoire volumes, on Place Vendôme, Tiaras, and Naturalism, Assouline introduces a second set on the themes of Photography, the Arts, and Fetes, seen through the lens of more than two centuries of history and the evolution of Chaumet’s artistic creations.

An Artistic Heart (by Jérôme Neutres)
A high jewelry atelier is a veritable orchestra of virtuoso artists creating a symphony of harmonious jewels. Composed and conducted by exceptional painters, designers, and sculptors, Chaumet’s style has evolved in synergy with the major artistic movements. Collected by the greatest connoisseurs, the house’s creations are poetic works of art, culture, sculpture, and light.

A Discerning Eye (by Gabriel Bauret)
Keeping a meticulous visual record of its fine jewelry creations, Chaumet pioneered the use of photography by establishing an in?house photographic studio in 1890, to immortalize each jewel, to document the life of the maison, and to conduct scientific studies of gemstones. Lifting the veil from this unprecedented treasure offers a panorama of the development of photographic techniques, creating a dialogue between the late nineteenth century and modern photographers such as still life master Guido Mocafico, whose photographs produced especially for this book are the result of focusing his gaze on Chaumet’s photographic archives.

This book is brought by  Assouline, ISBN 9781614286233

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