Shoes: An Illustrated History


by Rebecca Shawcross

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Shoes have always been not only a practical necessity, but also a symbol of passionate obsession, wealth and status. In this richly illustrated edition you will find information on the oldest shoes and up to nowadays, also including sections dedicated to the most striking shoes fashion trends and greatest shoe designers. This book is a great journey into the most beautiful of histories!

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Book Overview from the Publisher:

From chopines to stilettos, Louis XIV to Louboutin, Shoes: An Illustrated History is the definitive guide to footwear.

Shoes have always been more than just a practical necessity. They reveal the culture of the times in which they were worn – the sexual morals, the social power play, as well as the endless shifting of fashion. Rebecca Shawcross takes the reader on a fascinating journey – packed with social and historical detail – of making and wearing, of the spectacular and the everyday, of conforming and rebelling.

Lavishly illustrated with a dazzling array of shoes from all over the world, Shoes: An Illustrated History tells the extraordinary story of this ultimate object of desire, from antiquity to the present.

Contents List:

Introduction  •  The First Shoes  •  From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance  •  European Renaissance  •  Towards the Age Of Reason  •  Return to Simplicity  •  Mechanization of the Industry  •  The Turn of the Twentieth Century  •  Austerity Years  •  A New Era  •  1980s to the Present  • Places to Visit  • Selected Bibliography  • Glossary  • Index  • Acknowledgements

This book is brought by Bloomsbury Publishing, ISBN 9781472531001

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