by Lesley Ellis Miller, Ana Cabrera Lafuente, Claire Allen-Johnstone

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A stunningly beautiful book dedicated to one of the oldest fabrics in the world – silk. Thematic chapters on the different techniques of weaving, embroidering and dyeing of silk are organised around objects from the Victoria and Albert Museum’s impressive textile collection. The book’s particular value lies in the remarkable span of time it covers – from ancient China to Alexander McQueen – and in its wide geography: from Asia to South America and Europe. A must have!

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Book Overview from the Publisher:

Silk has long captured the imagination of peoples round the globe, inspiring creativity in the making of luxurious textiles. This major new survey draws on the exceptional collections of London’s Victoria and Albert Museum and explores tradition and innovation across the history and geography of silk production, celebrating the ingenuity and skill of designers and makers. Structured by technique, from weaving and knitting to dyeing, printing and embroidery, this compendium showcases a rich variety of artworks, furnishings and clothing, including fashions from recent designer catwalk shows in North America, Asia and Europe. Silk will inform every student, connoisseur and admirer of beautiful textiles.

Contents List


1. Plain and Simple: Plain weave; Satin; Chiffon; Crêpe; Gauze; Stripes and checks; Shot silks. Case Histories
2. Warps and Wefts: Figured gauze; Damasks and satin compounds; Lampas and compound weaves; Brocading; Tapestry weave; Velvet; Carpets with knotted pile; Jacuard woven; Gold and silver threads
3. Twine and Twist, Net, Knot and Knit: Twinning; Twisting and Netting; Knotting; Lace; Knitting and Crochet
4. Paint, Resist and Print: Painting; Freehand paste resist; Resist-dyeing; Tie-dyeing; Resist-dyeing and Batik; Stencilling; Ikat; Block printing; Copper plate printing; Roller printing; Screen printing; Digital printing; Gold and Silver
5. Stitch, Slash, Stamp and Pleat: Embroidery and Appliqué; Stamping; Slashing; Punching and Burning; Watering; Pleating and Smocking

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