The World According to Christian Dior


by  Jean-Christophe Napias, Patrick Mauries

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A small, elegant book bound in silver-grey cloth, dedicated to the great Christian Dior’s views on life and fashion, his quotes on everything that mattered to him. Dior was a sensitive, kind, delicate man who adored classic femininity and elegance – and claimed that everything he saw, felt and experienced was expressed in the clothes he created. A very charming book!

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Book Overview from the Publisher:

Credited with creating some of the most luxurious and spectacular haute couture pieces of all time, Christian Dior became a fashion icon overnight in 1947 with the launch of his ‘New Look’ – sumptuous hourglass silhouettes that provided a welcome tonic to the austerity of wartime. Its wild success, and the global fame that ensued, was built on the designer’s subtle understanding of fashion, couture, style, elegance and women – a perspective and insight best revealed in Dior’s own words, which are gathered here for the first time.

Rightly described as the ‘Designer of Dreams’ in the recent blockbuster exhibition on the house of Dior that attracted millions of visitors the world over, Christian Dior was an unrivalled arbiter in the world of high fashion. Dior was generous with his advice on all things, from style and how to dress (‘No elegant woman follows fashion blindly’, he once declared), to his insights into the creative process, invaluable for any budding designer.

Presented in a beautiful package and accessible format, The World According to Christian Dior is the perfect gift for fashion fans, publishing on the occasion of the house’s 75th anniversary.

This book is brought by Thames and Hudson, ISBN 9780500024140

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